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ABCreeps: A Spooky Alphabet Book

ABCreeps: A Spooky Alphabet Book. Written by Brendan McWhirk. Illustrated by Marissa Rogers.
Photography by Jason Neal

Seeking all mortals who yearn to learn! Ghosts, ghouls, and a roster of smiley monsters await. Teach or revisit all twenty-six letters, with an eerie twist. Explore what lurks between the pages of ABCreeps: A Spooky Alphabet Book.

Illustrated by Marissa Rogers, A-Z has been transformed with frightfully playful visuals. Each letter is depicted by a colorful creature or chilling theme. Don’t worry – they’re not super scary; this book is fun for everyone. Want to see the book page-by-page? Visit Marissa’s Instagram here.

The art is also accompanied by original poetry by Brendan McWhirk, aiding to expand a reader’s daily vocabulary. It’s part educational tool, part millennial coffee table book and all the haunts one could ever want.

Find ABCreeps: A Spooky Alphabet Book on Amazon. Click here to get yours today!

ABCreeps illustrations by Marissa Rogers

Available in paperback and hardcover. For mortals ages 12+ for spooky/dark themes.

Written by Brendan McWhirk and illustrated by Marissa Rogers

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