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In 2013, I met Kaitlyn Armitano on a bus in Savannah, Georgia. We often saw each other around and always remained super friendly. Both of us shared a deep and over-the-top love for Halloween which formed our instant bond. I was amazed; every October, Kaitlyn’s Instagram account transformed into a playground for creativity. 31 makeup looks for the 31 days of Halloween. In addition to being close pals, I was a huge fanboy. In 2017, her resume rolled across the recruiter’s desk at my workplace. I didn’t need to say a word. Management already knew what I knew; she’s creatively brilliant.

Fast-forward to 2019, we both live in New York City. That Halloween, she transformed me into Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. I was itching to do more. I knew that someday we could make something amazing together if we stumbled across the right idea. 2020 was the year we all stayed inside, it was a perfect time for us to find our unique niche. Kaitlyn already had her traditions in place surrounding Halloween (and so do I) which lead us to Christmas. The “Holiday House of Horrors” was born, six original characters, concepted and created by working together for weeks on end.

As our little personal project grew, so did the stories surrounding these new characters. I knew we needed to onboard an illustrator who could expand the material and really blow-out the content we were developing. Hillary Chicoine-Chen was my immediate go-to. Our friendship began when I was eight years old. She can translate my visions unlike anyone else. Although the timetable was crazy, Hillary agreed to come aboard and our team was complete.

Without drawing it out any further, here’s the Holiday House of Horrors. It’s a project I’m super proud of, made with folks that I love. Thanks for checking it out. Happy Holidays to all and to all a good fright.


Stitched together from cookies, a creation come to life. Part snickerdoodle, part chocolate chip, the mad baker baked a wife. But not your average gingerbread, she yearned for something more. So she hatched a great escape, a trail of crumbs right out the door.

Lil Emo Drummer Boy

Touring all of Bethlehem, sick solos left and right. Booked and played the baby’s birth on that famous Holy Night. Now he’s a well-known drummer, teased hair and tatted face. His new merch line is coming soon, add him on MySpace.

Sugarplum Scary

Deep within the Land of Sweets, an evil fae rules all. Betrothed to a Nutcracker who heeds her every call. Each Christmas Eve he brings the queen a favorite yearly treat, an innocent child topped with sugar to sacrifice and eat.

Jacob Marley

Shackled for all eternity, with only Scrooge to blame, Marley sought out the Dark Lord and summoned him by name. “Warn Ebenezer of his follies and if he winds up dead, his soul will be in chains, and you’ll go free instead.”

Angel of Death

Quietly she visits, despair lay in her wake. No yuletide gifts to give, only souls to take. The chosen’s plagued with fear, their heart still in dismay, they give in to her wishes and pass on Christmas Day.

Krampus Claus

Santa has a dark secret, around those who are naughty, he becomes someone else, fur covers his body. Horns and a snout, suit tattered and torn. St. Nicholas is gone and the Krampus is born.

Holiday House of Horrors: Series 1

Holiday House of Horrors: Series 1 by Hillary Chicoine-Chen

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