Halloween 2021 Costume Concept Reveal

October 1st is here and the US is kinda-sorta slowly transitioning to normal again. With the pandemic beginning to fade into the background of our lives (hopefully for good), we can finally have a return to our regularly scheduled Halloween this year. That means small social gatherings, spooky movie nights, and trick-or-treating for the young and young at heart.

Selecting my costume for 2021 wasn’t all too challenging. Last year’s theme was The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I am super proud of. But this time around, I wanted to step outside the realm of my typical costume choices. In other words, superheroes, Disney, and Pixar off the table. I began brainstorming concepts that would feel new and challenging. As of late, I’ve been really into revisiting mid-nineties nostalgia. Through exploring old commercials and toys, I was lead to the ruler of a confectionary land…

Halloween 2021 Costume Concept Reveal: King Kandy (Candy Land)

King Kandy Halloween reveal
Image Source: Hasbro

Candy Land was invented by Eleanor Abbott, a teacher who assisted Polio patients during the ’40s and ’50s. Because of the highly contagious nature of the disease, many children were regularly confined to their beds. Abbott’s creative invention offered them a fantasy-like escape from reality and a way to pass the time.

Eleanor’s personal life was fairly quiet and modest. She kept a fairly low profile and was unanimously liked by the folks at Milton Bradley (CL is now owned by Hasbro). People often spoke of her kind heart. Most of the original royalties Abbott made from Candy Land were donated to children’s charities. Thanks to her selflessness, the origins of this game are as sweet as Candy Land itself. 

As far as the characters go, King Kandy didn’t appear on the board game until later iterations. Even though the king wasn’t an original component, he and other favorites like Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly, and Lord Licorice have become mainstays of the property. For those who are unfamiliar, King Kandy resides proudly at the top of the board game alongside his castle. The goal for each player is to travel the rainbow track, avoid obstacles and inch step-by-step closer to the candy castle to be crowned “winner”.

I will be embodying the 90’s version of the king, with pink hair and a sundae crown. But I won’t be without help. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Annie Diaz this Halloween for the second year in a row.

Meet the 2021 Halloween Team

Annie Diaz putting the finishing touches on a garment.

Annie Diaz is a true wizard behind the sewing machine. With an extensive background in fashion design, she creates incredible wedding dresses and elaborate costumes. You can view our previous Halloween collaboration here.

To see more of Annie’s outstanding professional work, visit her Instagram at @anniesewingworkroom. Annie will be helping out with the assembly of King Kandy’s cape.

Check out the hashtag #BrendanDoesHalloween on Instagram to see more of my costumes or visit my website here. Thanks for reading and for your annual support! This is going to be a fun year, I can’t wait to show you my over-the-top take on King Kandy.

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