Halloween 2019 Costume Concept Reveal

Spooky season is finally upon us, that means it’s time to decide on a Halloween costume, a huge, coveted event in my book. I won’t lie, I begin the process in late August. After generating my top ten potentials character choices, it’s all about finding the materials (and means) ahead of schedule so that when October 1st rolls around, I can focus on fabricating, painting, and sewing (poorly).

Apart from picking a character that I’d enjoy embodying, I also let my environment lend itself to my choice. If I’m living near swamplands? Shrek would be a good option. If I know of an old pirate ship within a few miles? That would be a great setting for Captain Hook or Ruffio. Allowing the scenery to work with me has always created better photos for a final product.

With that being said, New York’s sweeping skyline and waterfront views I found great examples of both the dark Gotham City vibes, and the lighter-upbeat tone of the Titans/Teen Titans.

For Halloween 2019 I have decided to be… Nightwing.

Nightwing stands in front of dark sky
Image Source: DC Universe

Now many of you might be like, okay cool, who is that?

Character Backstory

Nightwing’s First Appearance: Tales of the New Teen Titans #43; (July 1984)

Dick Grayson was cast into the limelight of Haly’s circus, growing up as one third of a family trapeze act, “The Flying Graysons”. After they were viciously assassinated, billionaire Bruce Wayne took in Dick as his young ward, who would later discover Wayne’s double-life as the Batman. Wanting to assist in the war against Gotham’s criminal activity, Robin the Boy Wonder was born.

While the partnership proved to be a source of strength for both, the good times only lasted so long. Feeling burned by Bruce’s dark and controlling ways, Dick began to disagree with Batman’s methodology. Robin was injured, and challenged Bruce to see the err of his ways. This resulted in Batman terminating Robin. The release of his prior title lead to soul searching, and an eventual new identity, Nightwing.

Although Bruce and Dick are back in good standing, Nightwing now operates out of Blüdhaven as a police officer by day, and vigilante by night. Currently, he’s an active affiliate of the ‘Bat-Family’, Titans, Young Justice, and at times, even the Justice League.

Surprise, Nightwing Won’t Be Alone

Another member of the Titans will be showing up this Halloween season. As for just who, you’ll have to wait and see.

Are you in the ME, NH, or NY area and wish to be part of my theme? Shoot me a message about potentially collaborating. In the meantime, check out the hashtag #BrendanDoesHalloween on Instagram to see some of my previous costumes, or visit my professional site here.

Thanks for reading and Happy (almost) Halloween!

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